five two fourbonsai at nightcommuteone seven oneSpiritual Pilgrimage


Series of 4 digital photographs, 2016
Printed with laserjet

1. five two four
2. bonsai at night
3. commute
4. one seven one

Exhibited as part of the Spiritual Pilgrimage project by Sylvana d’Angelo (Zine Club) and Nathan Jones (Print Ready) at WORM’s Zine Camp in Rotterdam, NE.

“Typically, a pilgrimage is a search of spiritual significance, it is often a journey to a shrine or other location of importance to a person’s faith. For this project we are also examining a metaphorical journey into our own rituals, daily lives and spiritual experiences. Without a conscious effort to view the world rationally small coincidences or random occurrences can evoke a strong emotional response, what happens when we place importance on these occurrences? If we arrange a group of images with spiritual importance does the publication become a holy book?”